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Full text of "S'ina sapa wocekiye taeyanpaha = Catholic Sioux herald"

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OCTOBER 15, 1908. 


Sept. 13, Robert Henry De- 
marais, waniyetu 16, 

Sept. 18, Agnes Hupahuska, 
■ waniyetu sakpe, Malipiyahanska 
qa Julia Taholi'piwastewin cun- 

Sept. 20, Mary Nomnopa, wa- 
niyetu 84, Pabsunkazi qa Ptan- 
dutawin cunwintkupi. 

Oct. 2. Paul Gray, waniyetu 
19, Ipacinze qa Huhamazawin 


Ft. Totten Sept. 27, James 
Matohi qa Emma Walipe. 

Oct. 2, Paul Gray qa Victoria 
One Bear. 

W 10 ATA. 

Ft. Totten, Sept. 8, Mary 
Magdalen Coming Cloud. 

Thomas Left Bear qa Tatankapa 
wayazanka awanyakapi. 
Frank Demarce dowan itancan. 
Catechist, Simon Court. 


Ft. Totten, Oct. 4, 1908. 
St. Mary's Okodakiciye. 
Louisa Court itancan. 
Louise' Sagye wiyokihe aya. 
Mrs. Gertie Cavanaugh mazaska 

Mrs. Bessie Lohnes secretary. 
Lumina Tunkansaiciyewin wo- 
kagege awanyaka. 
Kinajinwin qa Sophie Tatiyopa- 
mazawin wayazanka awan'kapi. 
Napewastewin tiyopa awanyaka- 
Celina Coming Cloud dowan 


Bernard Two Hearts 8 bus. 

Luke Hantena 

4 bus. 

James Matohi 

2 bus. 

Mrs. Lo tines 


Philip Lohnes 


George Cavanaugh 


Elizabeth Court 


On wayahota opeton kta. 


4, 1908. 

Mazaska awanyaka 



Ignatius Court 



Simon Court 



Michael Mead 


Thomas Left- Bear 


Anthony Lohnes 





Fort Totten, Oct. 4, 1908. 

St. Joseph okodakiciye apiki- 
yapi qa dena itancanpi. 

John Lohnes itancan. 
Zitkanakoyake wiyokihe aya. 
Ignatius Court mazaska awan'ka. 
Joseph Matohi wowapi kaga. 
Clement Lohnes tiyopa awan'ka. 
Ttkowicakipa qa Wasuicasna- 
mani wicafrapi awanyakapi. 


Sept. 6, 1908. 
Tona Eyanpaha lawapi kin, 

St. Joseph omniciye 
lena oitancan wicakagapi. 

Zitkalaluta itancan. 
Chas Knife okihe. 
Robert Straight Head wowapi 
kaga. William Magaska maza- 
ska awanyaka. 

Samuel Marpiyato lowan itancan. 
Henry Striker wayazan awan'ka. 
Chas Wanikiya wapaha yuha. 
Chas Redbird na Chas Matoiyo- 
take okliklepi. 
Isnalawica iapi awanyaka. 
Wanblikleska tiyopa awanyaka. 
Samuel Marpiyato wamnayan. 

St. Mary Okolakiciye Itancanpi 
Ester winyanwastewin itancan. 
Edith Knife okihe. 
Maggie Red Bird wowapi kaga. 
E. Matosinawin mazaska awan- 
yaka. Mollie Redbird wapaha 
yuha. Mary Scar Leg na Agnes 
Talks okliklepi. 

Lucy Magaska wokagege awan. 
Nellie Knife lowan itancan. 
Hinwanbliosnawin wayazan 

awanyaka. Phoeb Striker wa- 
mnayan. Elizabeth Tatiyopa 
tiyopa awanyaka. Jennie Roach 
wayazanka awanyaka. 
Zitkalaluta tipiwakan wamnayan 
Iyuha cantewasteya nape ciyu- 
| zape lo. 

Robert Straigat Head. 


April 7, 1908 Zitkaziwin. 
April 19, Wapaha cinca. 
April 28, Walian cunwintku. 
May 1, Nawicakcijin cinca. 

" 13, Louise Scott. 
Aug. 12, Hoksina Wanbdi cinca. 
Minia wicakastanpi . 

Aug. 16, RoSie, Valentine qa 
Amice Strikes Many cunwintkupi 

Ho eya Eyanpaha tona duhapi 
hena owasin tawacin ekta tan- 
yan awacinpi waste ye do. Koda 
omniciye qpapi kin hena tanyan 
nitawacinpi waste ye do. Koda, 
taku cajedatapi kin hena eneton- 
wanpi kta waste. Eyanpaha ta- 
ku cajeyate cin tanyan cajeyate 
kes ake wicisa wan taku eye cin 
he ake Dakota de hecetu sui wa- 
da; heon hena winicasapi hecin- 
han hena adustanpi kta iyecetu. 
Eya ise inal'mina ni waon ehapi 
qa dena ecanonpi, dena hecetu 
sni. Koda decetu; tuwa Wakan- 
ta.nka wacinye cinhan dena wico- 
ie kin eya okihi sni. Maka akan 
eqe ni onqonpi kin en taku un- 
kawacinpi kta heCinhan he wico- 
Han wan en onqonpi kin heceena 
ye do kodapi. Owasin Dakota 
tawicoftan yuha yaskanpi kin he- 
na adustanpi kta iyecetu ye do 

Owasin nape ciyuzapi ye do- 

Valentine Strikes Many. 

ge wanji sanpa nom [7,102] on 
tapi. St. Petersburg oton we kin 
en eceena kektopawinge torn san- 
pa napcinwank sanpa wanji 
]4931] ececapi. Etanhan kekto- 
pawinge wanji sanpa opawinge 
sahdogan sanpa wikcemna sako- 
win sanpa zaptan [1875] 

on tapi. 



Bridgeport, Conn. Oct. 2. Mr. 
qa Mrs. Falco siceca yuhapi, un- 
kan pa nonpa yuhapi. Waya- 
zanka tipi en wanka pejihuta wi- 
casta yuha skan kin tanyan kta, 
ni kta iyukcan. 


St. Petersburg, Russia, Oct. 2, 
makosica tezi wicayazan, kekto- 
pawige akezaptan sam opawinge 
sakpe sam 10 sahdogan sam 3, 
(15,683) ececapi, qa kektopawin- 
ge sakowin sanpa opawin- 


St. Charles, Mo. Oct. 2. Pte 
wan woju wicasta wan CarlSwitz- 
er eciyapi tawa conkaske mahen 
canmahen on!, unkan yamnican 
hdi sni, hecen ode unkan can wan 
en sinte kaiyapehe qa kalia icu 
qa kaska najin iyeya, yukce kta 
tuka okihi sni, hecen onspe ai qa 
can kin kawanka, esta yukca 
okihi sni, hecen sinte ikoyake 
kin itanok okaksa. 


Washington, Oct. 1, Major 
James McLaughlin wamdeza kin 
hdi. Sisseton qa Warpetonwan 
owicawa kin wanna yustan kta, 
qa mazaska wicaqupi kta, hekta 
Tunkansina wakiconza kin 1862 
ehan okicize opapi on mazaska 
wopamni anaptapi kin he wica- 
kicupi kta. 

McLaughlin wiwangapi unkan 
hey a: " Way aco kin Dakota kin 
mazaska $786-4C0 wicaqu qa de 
etanhan $90 ■ 000 wakiya wisi iyo- 
winwicakiyapi, hecen kektopa- 
winge opawinge sakowin dakota 
wicakipamnipi kta; qa opapi kte 
kin kektopawinge torn sanpa 
opawinge topapi kta, qa otoiyohi 
mazaska [opawinge wanji sanpa 
wikcemnasakpe yuhapi kta. Da- 
kota kin Minnesota, South Dak. 
Mantana, enanakiya wiyorpeya- 
ta onpi. TohantuH wicaqupi kta 
kepe kta kepa owakihi sni, ecin 
nahanli owicawapi yustanpi sni. 
San Francisco heci wanji owawa 
nakun Walla Walla Washington, 
heci wanji owawa."' 

Eyanpaha kin iyakazo hecjn- 
han yahdajuju iyececa. 

OCTOBER 15, 1908. 


On the banks of a mill-brook 
two children were sitting one 
evening playing and rejoicing in 
the pretty flowers and grasses 
blossoming along the run. When 
suddenly the miller's two and a 
half year old, little son slipped 
and fell into the stream. The 
miller's helper, having just come, 
jumped in after it but could not 
catch the child anymore, for the 
rapidly flowing water was bear- 
ing the little fellow with fearful 
speed toward the millwheel. 
There was a painfully anxious 
instant; the little one would in- 
evitably be crushed beneath the 
waterwheel. Then rang .forth 
the Angel us bell and admonished 
all of the "Angel of the Lord." 
At that very instant, the wheel 
stood still. The good miller, at 
the call of the bell had stopped 
the wheel, so that thereby his 
child was saved. And then the 
miller's helper was enabled to 
seize the child, rushing on to its 
death, and return it to its parents. 
But alas, the beautiful custom 
of praying, when, the Angelus 
bells ring out the glorious mes- 
sage, has unfortunately vanish- 
ed in many families. 


An old lady of his flock once 
called upon Dr. Gill with a griev- 
ance. The doctor's neckbands 
were too long for her ideas of 
ministerial humility, and, after a 
long harangue on the sin of 
pride, she intimated that she had 
brought a pair of scissors with 
her, and would be pleased if her 
dear pastor would permit her to 
cut them down to her notions of 

The doctor not only listened 
patiently, but handed over the 
offending white bands to be oper- 
ated upon. When she had cut 
them down to her satisfaction, 
returned the bibs, it was the 
doctor's turn. 

"Now," said he, "you must do 
me a good turn also." 

"Yes, that I will, doctor. What 
can it be?" 

"Well, you have something 
about you which is a deal too 
long and which causes me no end 
of trouble,, and I should like to 
see it shorter." 

"Indeed, dear sir, I will not 
hesitate. What is it? Here are 

the scissors; use them as you 

"Come, then," said the sturdy 
divine; "good sister, put out 
your tongue." 

"I never hear that. It is the "I'm takin* something fer my 
terrific snoring that keeps me appetite — three times a day." 
awake." | "Wot?" 

"Breakfas', dinner an' supper!*' 

One evening an angry com- 
plainant appeared in Cupples' 

"Your bull chased me around 
that field this morning." 

"Did he? Well, I am sorry. 
Hurt ye much?" 

"See here, I've come to tell 
you that you ought to take that 
bull out of the field." 

"It's my field, likewise the 

"I guess you don't know who 
I ani?" 

"Well, no, I dunno's I do." 

"I am the Mayor of Scarboro 
and president of the Scarboro 
Taitsville Railroad." 

"Be ye-" asked Jim respect- 
fully. "Well, why didn't ye tell 
that to the bull?" 

By the side of a certain por- 
tion of a suburban railway stands 
a glue factory which sometimes 
gives out a particularly offensive 
smell. ,A' lady who was obliged 
to travel on this line quite often 
always carried with her a bottle 
of lavander salts. One morning 
an old farmer took the seat be- 
side her. As the train neared 
the factory the lady opened her 
bottle of salts. Soon the whole 
car was filled with the horrible 
odor of the glue. The farmer 
put up with it as long as he could, 
then shouted. "Madam, would 
you mind puttin' the cork in that 
'ere bottle. 


Walking through a street the 
other day, I was greatly amused 
at two little bo'ys who were evi- 
dently playing school, as they 
sat on the doorstep. I heard 
one of them say: "Now, if you 
take two 'from one it leaves one, 
and if you take one from two it 
leaves two." 

I laughingly offered the boy a 
shilling if he could prove that 

The boy, nothing abashed^ 
eagerly accepted my offer, and 
led me into the house where the 
boy's mother sat nursing twins. 

The boy at once said: "Now, 
sir, if I take mother away from 
the twins, I shall take one from 
two and two will remain; and if 
I take away the twins from 
mother I shall take two from one 
and one will be left." 
■ The boy got the shilling. 

"I wish," complained the guest, 
"you would tell your night 
watchman to keep still. He 
makes such an outrageous racket 
all night I can't sleep." - 

"I will tell him to walk more 
lightly,*' said the landlord gra- 
ciouly; "but you know that he 
must walk round at regular in- 

"Oh, it isn't his walking that 
disturbs me," replied the guest; 

A Lrsson Well Learned. 

The following story is told of 
Elihu Root, Secretary of State 
at Washington, and his office-boy. 
Said Mr. Root to the lad one day: 

"Who has taken my waste-pa- 
per basket?" 

"Mr. Riley." said the boy. 
"And who is Mr. Riley?" asked 
Mr. Root. 

"The caretaker, sir." 

"James, who opened that win- 
dow?" Mr, Root asked an hour 

"Mr. Lantz, sir." 

"And who is Mr. Lantz?". 

"The window-cleaner, sir." 

Mr. Root turned and looked at 
the boy. 

"James," he said, "we call men 
by their first names here. We 
don't mister' them in this office. 
Do you understand?" 

"Yes, sir.'" 

Ten minutes afterwards the 
door opened, and the shrill voice 
of James was heard:^- 

"There's a man as wants to 
see you, Elihu." 

A Father going into his sta- 
ble one day found his little 
son. with a slate and pencil in his 
hand, astride on one of the horses. 

"Why, Hariw," he exclaimed, 
"what are you doing*'" 

"Writing a composition," was 
the reply. 

"Well, why don't you write in 
the house?" 

"Because," answered the little 
fellow, "the master told me to 
write a composition on a horse.'' 

Two young girls were talking 
on a subway car, when one of 
them said: "The awfullest thing 
happened to me yesterday. Bess 
and I came down together on the 
elevator but it was crowded to 
suffication. I was afraid I'd lose 
Bess and so I just grabbed her 
hand and held on for dear life. 
When we were nearly to our de- 
stination — just fancy !— I looked 
down, and it wasn't Bess's hand 
at all, but I was holding that of 
a 1 young man whom I never seen. 
I dropped it you may imagine, 
in an instant saying: 'Oh, I've 
got the wrong hand!' when what 
do you suppose he answered? 
'Why, Miss, you are perfectly 
welcome to. the other if you will 
accept.' " 

Si Sanders went to the shop 
one day to buy eggs. 

"What are eggs today?" 
"Eggs are eggs today, Si," re- 
plied the storekeeper, looking 
quite triumphantly at two or 
three lady customers who hap- 
pened to be in the shop. 

"I'm glad to hear you say so/ 1 
replied Si: ''for the last ones I 
got here were chickens."' 


Seattle, Wash. Oct. 2. Herold 
Sweeney, koska waniyetu wikce- 
mna nom sam yamni akicita ope 
kta iyukcanpi tuka siha sani si- 
yukaza kin sakowin qa sani is 
sakpe kin heon opa okihi sni. 
"Onniqonpi onkokihipi sni ce," 
eciyapi. Nina cante sica, hececa 
esta pejihuta wicagta siyukaza 
onge pakse wicasi,qa tohan tan- 
yan okizi kinhan ake ope kta 
iyute kta keyaicanteicaspeiciya. 


Walter Smock, South Eaton- 
town, N.J. witka wan hnaka un- 
kan ihanke kin sanni etanhan 
sinte wan napahonka iyutapi 
nonpa kasinyan han. 


Springfield, Mo. Oct. 2. S, O. 
Middemas cinca wan wi wikce- 
mna, tankan amanipi etanhan 
kuya maka kin ekta asanpi cega 
ohna han unkan ohinlipaye qa 
ta hehan wanyakapi.